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Sports Manager Social Network Popuz

Discover the handball in this exciting online manager.

In Fantasy Handball Manager you will take the command of a handball team, designing your game, training players and dominate your opponents will take you to victory.

Compete with thousands of users to obtain the prestigious Cup Fantasy Manager, Handball is a team sport complex, where your tactical decisions will be critical to win.
Your team is full of players of different nationalities, age, personality ... , You can improve your team using the market, the young players, Team B , etc., come to your opponents will be vital and prepare for their game counteract a need, your team is waiting for you to take to the top.

It all depends on you, Do you accept the challenge?

Active servers Selected: Fantasy Handball Popuz
  • Fantasy Handball Popuz Main language
    Server used for RF (www.resultados-futbol.com) the most important Spanish soccer social network.
    Online: 5
    Registered users: 62
    Max. Users: 19.670

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